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Minimum order for shatter is 5 grams. Standing with CBD~ 64.62 and THC ~33.39

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Vcdc shatter for sale.. a little bit complicated to use but if you are a pro or have someone by your side then extract vcdc is what you need. VCDC is a hybrid, bred by Moxie Seeds and Extracts, that crosses Viper City OG with ACDC. With its compelling mix of genetics. VCDC for sale stands out  for its high-CBD content. Taking 1st for CBD flower at the 2015 SoCal Medical Cup, its a deal to cut, buy VCDC shatter online.

State-of-the-art equipment is used  to maintain purity and minimize unwanted plant lipids. Each envelope comes with a .5 gram of golden shatter. Terps, terps and more terps! We bow to the almighty terpenes in ENVY shatter. Online reports claim VCDC shatter for sale  produces an aromatic blend of earth, citrus, and ripe berries. Its flavor features fruit and sugary citrus mixed with fresh soil after a rainfall.

vcdc shatter for sale

Firstly, ACDC is a high yielding CBD strain and Viper City is a strong THC strain. This shatter is great for patients looking for a high CBD shatter. Secondly, effects like felling happy,relaxed, uplifted,Tingly,Aroused after consuming changing the state of the mind.

Thirdly,these effects and its high CBD level make VCDC one of the best extracts for treating chronic pain. Inflammation not left out, chronic stress or anxiety, and muscle spams or tremors. Finally, it has a delicious fruity aroma of sweet citrus and berry with an earthy scent that’s released as nugs are broken apart. The taste is of sweet cherry berry with a hint of sugary citrus upon exhale that has a slightly earthy tinge.


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