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Super Lemon Haze

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A super dominant Sativa hybrid with super specs.

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Super Lemon Haze Strain

Super Lemon Haze Strain, super lemon haze for sale is a Sativa dominant hybrid that was created from crossbreeding the famous strains Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Buy super Lemon Haze strain, dominated the scene with its genetic strength, powerful THC content and amazing head highs.


Super lemon haze strain with its super intense high is a guru when it has to do creativity. Buy super lemon haze, super lemon haze for sale online at 420 kush dispensary for the uplifting mind and reducing stress level.

Super lemon haze for sale online nowadays is mostly outdoors. Just a few real dispensaries know how to do the indoor job.

Appearance and Reviews

Buy super lemon haze, super lemon haze for sale. With bulky and dark green buds, efficiency is always a guarantee for euphoric minds.

Best strain for people having busy lives and work to do. Not recommended when you want to sleep. Keeps me productive throughout the day. The reviews were right on, it’s a strong Strain with long-lasting effects, the smoke is very smooth, even when you pull hard in a blunt, it makes you feel like damn this is some soft ass weed, but then the high last for me for about 12 hours. And I kid you not I heard some creature or a wraith or some shh breathing on my land, then I came back to my parents home heard the same weird nose in the corner when I walked in. But overall I like it lemon haze it’s always taxy and I see why, buy super lemon haze

This strain is getting me high as hell, this strain is Not for Amateurs. It makes me paranoid if i smoke to much, but all in all, it is a very nice strain which smells fresh and the taste is also nice, But The paranoia is on Another Level. I feel like this strain is underrated. It’s probably one of my favorite strains by far. You have nothing but energy and good vibes. It’s got a little bit of the psychedelic aspect everyone is talking about but it makes for a happy and relaxed mood. Also, one of my favs to calm down my stress!


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3 reviews for Super Lemon Haze

  1. Khorshid

    Super Lemon Haze is my ALL TIME favorite strain! I suffer from anxiety and sometimes social anxiety that with smoking indicas can become worse when I’m hit with paranoia. This strain gives me NO paranoia or negative effects whatsoever. It’s a nice, uplifting high. The smell is like a lemon tree. Try jarring the nugs with a lemon peel for a few days, it will taste like earthy lemonade 🙂 This ganj makes me clear-headed, genuinely happy, creative, and inspired. I recommend this to anybody, but especially if you’ve ever smoked some weed that made you too hungry, tired, paranoid, sick, or otherwise not as chill as you wanted to be, try this. Smoking once may not be enough of a high for some. If you’re like that, which is how I am, wait a little while and smoke a second time. You’ll be ready to take on the world. A great daytime smoke fa sho. If you’d like to have similar effects but be more giggly and be left potentially ready to fall asleep, I recommend checking out Jamaican Pearl. It’s another sativa-dominant hybrid but pulls more indica than Super Lemon Haze, and it doesn’t seem to cause any paranoia really. Happy toking!

  2. sophieamelia

    This one smells of lemon and rosemary and tastes the same. Delicious crystally nugs. High is uplifting and energetic brain functions. Lemony smell is really nice in the air too

  3. Mas_Ar93

    Good daytime smoke. Not one for the evenings. Buzzy head. Energised. Focused, but wobbly. Can be a bit tripy.

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