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Purple x Skunk (Outdoor) 10 SEEDS

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minimum order 30 seeds

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This cultivar is mostly based on an undisclosed heavy-hitting Indica variety, one that could produce a thick coat of crystals.

After half an hour, the calming sensation enveloping the body intensifies. Instead of merely soothing aching muscles, loosening tensions, it takes on a numbing, sedating quality. As such, the profound relaxation turns into laziness and eventually, couch-lock. Sleep comes naturally too once the drowsiness sets in.

1 review for Purple x Skunk (Outdoor) 10 SEEDS

  1. Addair19963

    Most established professionals in the bus in this district, This place is awesome! I always feel comfortable when I walk in, the budtenders are very helpful and always remember what I like. Worth a special trip to b wined n dined.

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