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Green house cookies

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This is a new strain with THC reaching up to 36%.

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Green house cookies dispensary has 2 leading grow rooms in the united states. Green house cookies online dispensary. Being a new cannabis strain, it is thus a perfect time to look at some reviews.

Green House Cookies  Reviews

I was skeptical at first just because I didn’t exactly like the smell, but the smoke tastes great (in flower form at least) and the high was amazing

– One of my favorite strains, great for depression and anxiety and it has a nice calming sensation.

Green House Cookies Dispensary Reviews

– Got a nice full-body high from this. Felt like I was sinking into the couch. A good strain if you’re like me and need something to grab you by the shoulders and force you to relax for your own damn good.

– Only tried this strain once, from 420 kush dispensary CA. My observations are based on that limited experience. The strain was relatively mild. I didn’t care for the taste (subtle but not pleasant) or the mild jitters (without benefit of increased alertness or energy). I would try again, I guess, but from different sources to compare/confirm the initial experience. YMMV.

– This phenotype aroma was strong and full of pine and citrus notes. The appearance was a light green with orange and amber pistols. The buds have a thick layer of trichomes. The buds were small yet very dense, making the weight seem abnormal to the naked eyes. The flavor comes through as mild with spice and citrus throughout. The medical effects are immediate yet very mild in nature. The body high produces moderate relaxation & pain relief. The mental effects are mild in nature as well as enabling focus while also reducing stress and increasing happiness. This strain is good for beginners and daily users alike. Daily use patients may consider this a “slightly above average” strain.

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3 reviews for Green house cookies

  1. Pilger32

    I tried Green House cookies about an hour or so ago and it is awesome, yo! At first I was a little anxious for about the first five minutes, but everything calmed done. I been watching “The Walking Dead” and let just say I was so focused that I realize that I missed so interesting thing when I first watched. I give “Green House Cookies” a 10 outta 10. If you want something to help you focus and make you in great mood. I would recommend “Green House cookies”

  2. Adarsh

    this one never lets me down, i stay productive, happy and focused. really helps my depression on days when I cant stay on task, mega munchies though lol

  3. Sminzzz

    This one is a little more upbeat, took care of my anxiety, really made me relax.

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