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Dutch Dragon

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Puts you in the mood and relaxed without feeling sleepy.

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Dutch Angel Dragon Strain

Dutch Angel Dragon Strain is a Sativa variety bred by Paradise Seeds.  She loves warmer climates and can grow as high as 9 feet tall outside so make sure you have ample vertical room.

Dutch Angel Dragon Strain Effects

Dutch Angel Dragon Strain makes one to have dry mouth. This is very good as it boosts up appetite. Again, this Sativa giant makes you energetic, leaving you with the strength you need throughout the day. Dutch Angel dragon strain is a good remedy for anxiety, depression. Having attributes of rapper strain, This strain leaves you uplifted and creative.


Just like the name suggests, Dutch Dragon gives you the power and energy only a dragon should have. It makes you want to jump around, move, climb a mountain or else. You will have the fun of your life with this strain!

– This strain is good for getting really high really quick, and it lives up to its Sativa genotype. The first few moments can be a little intense, however, once settled in I can socialize with friends and laugh freely. This is a great strain for a night of gaming, however, if you are looking to get a good nights sleep I don’t recommend this strain

A go-to strain when one needs to get things done. I have ADHD and I’ve replaced Adderall with Dutch dragon, best move I’ve made in a while.

Energetic Sativa! Comes on strong, reminds me of Sour apples. Sweet, citrus, and pine. Helped with getting me cleaning and lifted my mood. Although I feel easily distracted.


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1 review for Dutch Dragon

  1. Micheal

    I’d heard a lot about this strain before trying it, so expectations were high, and I wasn’t disappointed. The weed smells amazing – pine and spearmint, with a bit of earth. The smoke is light and gave me no urge to cough, and tasted of earth and menthol, with just a bit of piney hops in the background. Very nice. The high was also top notch. It began with a clear, very happy head-high. No fogginess and no racey sensations; just mellow, happy and uplifted. After about 15 minutes, the body high began to roll in, and, it, too, was comfortable without being overwhelming. It’s a strain that makes it easy to go to bed, but doesn’t compel you to do so. As a result, it’s a great smoke for the afternoon or early evening to jettison stress and chill out with some friends, a movie or even household chores. No wonder it’s a classic.

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