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Has very distinctive red hairs giving away its name. A strain not to be underestimated because next thing you know it’ll have you on your ass. Definitely takes after it’s OG relatives leaving you wanting to order pizza and lay around while maintaining that headspace high some users might want.

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   Fire OG kush

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Considered one of the most potent OG strains out there. Fire OG kush from 420 online kush dispensary is a cross between parent strains SFV OG and OG Kush. It carries a strong lemony, earthy aroma and offers a powerful euphoric high best reserved for seasoned consumers.

Fire OG kush from 420 online kush dispensary requires a lot of knowledge about feeding to achieve high yields. Grow hydroponically if you are less sure about feeding as soil-based nutrients can be difficult. Pruning and topping are required for maximum yield.

Fire OG kush and the human body

Fire OG is known for being one of the strongest strains of the OG family. Very GASSY nose, feel the smell in the back of your head and ears. Will fill any room up with the fresh aroma of Kush. Smoke daringly as the effects can last up to the top hand of 3 hours. Dark green bud, bright orange hairs, and white crystallized trichomes make this strain an in-house favorite.

 Firstly, Fire OG is NOT to be underestimated. As a super- indica aficionados it’s usually somewhat relatively underwhelmed by decent, but dime a dozen “OG’s.

Secondly, Fire OG definitely feels like a Sativa, regardless of whatever people say. You will find yourself constantly pacing for the first couple of hours. It will definitely help you loosen up physically with your muscles and movement.

Also, the body tends to get stiff after long periods of inactivity (sleeping/sitting). Buy fire og, buy white fire og, buy fire og strain because it is a great strain for those who like to exercise. I would suggest using this as a midday strain or to take this about 2-3 hours before bedtime.

You will always feel energetic for the first 2 hours, followed by the urge to lay down and watch TV. That’s the interesting part though: It doesn’t necessarily make you sleepy, it just makes you want to relax for about an hour after that initial 2 hours high. It has a smooth peppery taste. –– Makell Bird from Maktown TV on YouTube @makellbird @maktowntv on IG and twitter.

Finally, this strain will do the work for you anytime any day.

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