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Purple Jolly rancher kush


Jolly rancher is not a strange cannabis strain for regular smokers. This indica guru performs very well and some even say it outperforms some well-known indica strains. The thc hits about right like most of its competitors.

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What  is Jolly rancher 

Also called jolly rancher strain, buy Jolly rancher online from 420 online kush dispensary. This an indica-dominant cannabis strain that combines genetics from Purple Kush and Route 66 (also known as Happy Rancher).

    Purple  Jolly Rancher Strain

Excellent relaxing/sedative effects. A lazy day strain. This is a strain most can use before bedtime. First and foremost, Jolly rancher strain Nugs are 75% purple, 15% orange and 10% green. Secondly, a single small dab can make you nodding on the couch.

Furthermore, this is one of the best ways to end a chill night with friends. Glues you to the couch once you get there. Very spacey, don’t expect to get much done.

Finally, a good, mellow body buzz. Intense at first then wore off not too long after. But, definitely helps you sleep at night.

Where to buy Purple Jolly rancher Online

 Buy Jolly rancher online from 420 mail order kush dispensary and know the difference. Buy jolly rancher online and get a taste of the rare marijuana strain as explained by by 420 mail order kush dispensary, Jolly rancher Strain is a beautiful and rare strain. Unique, fruity and fairly strong. The smell is sweet and pungent, the nugs are caked in yellow/white crystals, but don’t worry EVERY nug is purple. The high is heavy on the body with a slight head buzz. Testing at 22% THC, this strain is perfect for the end of the day. It should be your dessert before and after dinner.

Finally, jolly rancher strain has a sweet, moist, country breeze smell to it when you first open it. as you smoke it tastes a little sweet and not too strong on the throat. leaves you feeling relaxed but not dead to the world. a very good after work bud to mellow out for a little while but still pick up the house if need be. leaves a smile on your face and your brain doesn’t seem to be bogged down or foggy at all. all thinking skills still seem to be there.

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