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Hollywood Pure Kush. A great cut of OG Kush, Hollywood Pure Kush—a.k.a. HPK—is a blast of flavor and potency that’s only available as a clone. Thought to be a cutting from the Hindu Kush Mountains, it was brought back to California decades ago.

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Hollywood Pure Kush Strain

To buy Hollywood pure kush strain one must first know its effects on the body as its not a very common one to find. A great cut of OG Kush, buy Hollywood Pure Kush—a.k.a. HPK—is a blast of flavor and potency that’s only available as a clone. Used by breeders such as Bodhi and Archive Seed Bank, HPK brings forward the traditional thick OG flavor of hashy incense, pine, and gas. For any OG lovers, this strain brings you back to where it all started while getting you incredibly baked.

Appearance: Pure Kush puts out golf-ball shaped buds that are dense and covered in resin. Once one has seen and handled the buds, they can be recognized anywhere. Very stout and dense, the tops never protrude into the spearhead or pine cone shape. This plant will develop a very slight purple tint if exposed to low temperatures. Consistently at the end of harvest, but almost always ends up light green, nearly identical to the nugget pictured above.

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These things grow like vines and fill the root space faster than most other strains, Both with a slightly creamy very fruity kush taste. Very similar to her aroma, the Pure Kush is a musty, skunky and dank variety with strong flavors of old-world traditional hashish and marshmallow spice.  The spice and hash flavors come first and most upfront, with marshmallows somewhere as a mid-tone.  

Kush Factory Hollywood

 One of the classic Kush varieties coming from California, this plant is very similar to the Bubba Kush, SoCal Master Kush, and Suge Pure Kush. She has been passed around for over 20 years and is still known to be an elite clone-only.

This is one of the first plans to really define the aroma and flavor of “Kush”. It is a spicy and very hashy aroma, with strong skunk notes from the strains so lovingly-selected in the ’80s and ’90s. This plant is a sweeter skunky smell than a Chemdog. It is much skunkier than many other varieties boasting the “skunk” nomenclature. She smells of exotic spices and old musty places like basements and dank carpets. This particular Kush plant has nuances of marshmallow and vanilla.

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3 reviews for Hollywood kush

  1. rasoul

    I am just feelin good! No depression or loneliness, just happy and motivated. This strain is a good thinking strain. Helps me actually finish sentences with detail and not space off. I could paint a masterpiece smoking green crack. Thc is a little low but it is in our favor if we are looking for a great productive & creative sativa.

  2. Villi66

    Feeling good on this strain even on a lil nug. Helping me mellow out on this 7 hour trip from Pennsylvania to Tennessee so I like it a lot.👍

  3. izzulh269

    OG Kush x Bubba Kush: OG Bubba Kush Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid Wow! I think I just found my new best friend. The aroma absolutely permeated the air. The flowers are beautiful and dense. On the porch with a left-hander after dinner: The smoke was thick and robust. No problems going down and no coughing. That’s always a plus. I took 3 or 4 hits and realized I was high. The god damn I feel good high! The stress of the day just melted away and I was able to let my mind follow it’s own path. Nice strain. If you have the opportunity, give this one a try.

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