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Gorrila grape

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One of my favorites indica strain. It tastes very fruity and you get a nice head rush and a relaxed feeling.

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 Gorilla Grapes

 From the OG family, buy gorilla grape strain, gorilla grapes online. Bred by Dungeon Vault Genetics, Gorilla Grapes is a cross of Original Glue and Vino OG. It is a THC-dominant hybrid with a sweet grape flavor and diesel undertones. Medium-sized buds are olive-colored with deep purple and red hues, all covered with a sticky layer of white trichomes.

Gorilla grapes had me right away with the beautiful pungent smell of diesel and grapes. Beautiful terpene Profile, Cerebral mind effect, and relaxing body feels.

Gorilla Grape Strain

These dank, sticky, gassy yet somehow fruity buds are exactly what the Dr. ordered, literally! The second you open the container a strong diesel kick punches you in the face then settles to a humid fruity smell that can be traced for literally a mile away. The taste is very unique as well. Not as fruity as one would expect nor is it very harsh. Goes in smooth but scratches your throat on the exhale exposing the spicy undertones.

 Gorilla grape strain online and get it delivered at your doorstep. This will give you a heavy body relaxation with a clear head. You will be able to move but prefer not too. no bad side effects but dry mouth.

An indicia leaning hybrid flower with the tropical skunky flavor profile. It’s a creeper high. That’s correct. It takes around a full eight to ten minutes for this strain to kick in. Upon igniting, tropical fruits and skunky tones hit your tongue. The smoke is not harsh with mild expansion.

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Exhaling brushes the tongue with a slinky fruity taste which is quite sweet. Exhaled smoke is not very dense but its aroma is quite potent. Buds should be mostly, if not entirely covered in clusters of thick sticky trichomes. Gorilla grape strain is enough of a Sativa to not put you to sleep and allow some creative focus. It’s indicia leaning. One of the known facts regarding Gorilla Grapes is overwhelming pain relief.

Gorilla Grapes Online

Among the strains presently (10/2019) in the Sunshine State, this one has become at least a short-term staple as batches continue to be dispensed locally. Its scent stands out next to other well-known strains such as LA Confidential and Northern Hash Plant this is due to its enticing smell which is nearly impossible to contain. THC of 20-26%. Bottom line: One of the better TL strains currently available in late 2019. Dutch Hawaiian (90/100 score) being superior in quality, but Sativa. If a nighttime strain is required lean towards 9lb hammer or LA Confidential. You will give this strain a goon score of 83/100.

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3 reviews for Gorrila grape

  1. Ronald

    I smoked a bowl of this with some kief sprinkled on top the other night before engaging in some self-love and eventually had a 20+ minute-long orgasm. It felt like it was never going to end! Afterward, I had some auditory hallucinations, hearing music that wasn’t there. All in all, this is an excellent great strain for relaxing and feeling good – but the level of couch-lock means that I wouldn’t recommend this for use when you actually have to get stuff done.

  2. Chuks

    best strain of the purple type of marijuana ! Alot of grape fruit loop type flavor mixed with a skunky clean aroma very potent smelling and sticky/dense. makes you very relaxed and completely gets rid of anxiety or insomnia and makes you really tired on the come down more than the high. great for sleeping or relaxing. hands down my personal favorite strain of all time! goes great in a blueberry blunt wrap or in a glass pipe or bong!

  3. LinHtetAg007

    One of my all time favorites. My preferred strain before bedtime along with Romulan. Incredible full body relaxation. One of the only strains in which I can get truly pain free for a couple hours. This is an amazing strain. Works like a champ on all stomach/intestinal pain and cramping, as well as any muscle and joint pain.

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