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Gelato 45

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An Indica hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint cut.

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Gelato 45 strain online Information

Definitely, strong genetics, buy gelato 45 strain online. Every single bud is universally beautiful even in a large batch. The amount of trichomes on this strain is 2nd to none. Having DNA from Gsc, this hybrid does exactly what it was grown to do. Buy gelato 45 strain online and get super Euphoric and happy. Even when there’s too much bullshit going on, this strain does well. Furthermore a good hybrid for great focus.

Gelato #45 Strain Reviews

This the type of weed that gets me high relaxes me and gives me the energy to continue with my day ahead and finish it so i can be able to get home after a good productive day and ready to take a hit off the bong at the comfort at my home relaxing… I enjoy smoking this weed in the morning as i wake up and after lunch.

GELATO 45 (23%THC) Smoking this literally feels like you are getting a nice warm hug from the weed. Gelato 45 tastes sweet with hints of caramel and cake.

With medium smoke density consistency, Gelato 45 aka “Larry bird” is known to be a “creeper bud,” meaning it will take a few minutes for the effects to settle in.

Once it hits you, it brings a calm euphoria along with it. Gelato 45 is not one of those overpowering mind-numbing strains. It enhances your senses and puts you in a “feel good” state.

Being a 24/7 smoker, I am not easily impressed, especially when it comes to “common” strains. However, gelato 45 is not one to disappoint.

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3 reviews for Gelato 45

  1. mkl420

    Awesome flower, special choice

  2. Elpefez

    Best buds I ever tasted well worth the price! I give it a 10-10 smooth smoke, pungent, savory, the high is amazing! If you ask me it’s the perfect hybrid

  3. sai

    Gelato is an excellent strain for sex. Its an outstanding hybrid that gives you the (near) best of both worlds. Its sativa side gives uplift, energy, and euphoric feelings; then the indica slows it all down and hits the body with relaxation and tingling. I’m less and less a fan of hybrids but this one is just really good. We’ve had it numerous times and it’s always a strong performer. We love trying new strains, but when gelato is available we invariably pick some up because it’s been so consistently successful for us. It’s not in my top 3 all time favorites. More like middle of the top ten.

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