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Gelato 41

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Gelato 41 is the outcome when you cross Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert.



One of the favorites amongst the black community is buy blue Gelato 41 strain. The benefits of smoking on this bud is way out of the ordinary. Firstly, you are a stoner and have never tried this then you must be a newbie. Buy blue gelato 41 strain is a hybrid strain.  Furthermore, the is high in THC and offers a heavy, relaxing body high without clouding the mind.


 Blue Gelato 41 strain For Sale

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Gelato #41 Weed effects

Relaxed                             72% people reported  feeling relaxed

Dry Mouth                         10% people reported dry mouth

Depression                       10% people

Stress And Anxiety           80% of people reported it helps with stress and anxiety

Gelato #41 weed was by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies. Furthermore, this strain has buds that grow in an array of colors. Secondly, from light green to purple, with trichomes that put out a sweet and earthy aroma. This is alongside hints of lavender and pine. New consumers should know that now. Finally,  buy blue gelato 41 strain is potent and the high is best reserved for those looking for a new heavy hitter. This strain comes from the Cookies Family in California.

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2 reviews for Gelato 41

  1. dausina46

    Killer strain! The nose is super sweet and citrusy with an amazing undertone of berry! The high is definitely a heavy hitter! I’m an anxiety patient so it’s definitely not too cerebral. It’s still creative and aloof in the mind but EXTREMELY mellow in the body! From the pic I uploaded, you can just see the resin glistening off of her gorgeous dense buds! Definitely recommend!

  2. GonKhant

    Was recommended this by a guy who saw me wearing a cookies shirt. I’m very stubborn with my top shelf strains so I was really hesitant. So hesitant I said no at first but kept it in the back of my Mind because it looked and smelled insane. So after doing the Do, I must Definitely agree with the people above that mentioned they can function and get Things done even though it’s a powerhouse Indica cross. It smokes so smooth and smells unreal. The taste is almost as good as the looks. Put this in the smokus focus and wow! I’ll be looking for this for a while.

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