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This is an indica having a parent Afghani and Maui haze.



Afgoo aka Afghan Goo Marijuana Strain Information 2021

Buy Afgoo online, Afgoo also known as Afgooey is a potent indica-dominant strain that is thought to have descend from Afghani and Maui Haze.  Growers hoping to cultivate Afgoo may have a better chance of success indoors, but this indica can also thrive in cruel climates outdoors.

How to Buy Afgoo Online

To buy Afgoo online, you can contact us from the 24/7 live chat or WhatsApp or make your order ASAP. 420 kush dispensary grows this guru strain outdoors and indoors.


  • This is an absolutely incredible strain for PTSD. This helps abate some of my emotional symptoms, helps me sleep, and knocks out whatever pain I have.
  • This strain helped knock out a two-week-long toothache. Emotionally, this stuff is a lifesaver. Too much will make you a little anxious – not recommended for those not used to Indicas or low tolerance consumers.
  • However, if you can get your hands on this strain, please do. Incredible stuff with a powerful head high for an indica, to boot. Too much of this will have you asleep early. Strong munchies.
  • The best strain for anxiety. Can’t say it enough, the Afgoo I got was amazing, let me explain: Get home from a super stressful day at work and then realized I forgot to finish one of my jobs but the office was closed. Seriously started stressing out and went for my prescribed Xanax…….but instead decided to get a delivery of bud. That was the best decision I could’ve made.

Super relaxed, even when I thought about the stuff I forgot to do at work I was still able to sleep well and head into work early the next day. Gotta shout out for the delivery too. Afgoo releases any tension in your muscles and that leads to a legitimate feeling of ‘weight off of your shoulders’. If you get a chance to try it, I recommend it. Great strain, my favorite by far.

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3 reviews for Afgoo

  1. biznutime

    Out of all the strains I have had so far for my insomnia, this is by far the best. I started vaping about an hour before I went to sleep. Normally I suffer from restless leg syndrome from a medication I take, but with this.. I just felt my whole body relax and felt my head just melt into the pillow. I woke up this morning feeling very well rested! I only woke up once during the early morning hours (Thanks, to my jerk cat) but I was able to go back to sleep instantly. Love this strain! Highly recommend.

  2. Russel

    This is my first time trying this bud, so I had no expectations but this strain is a solid indica. Afgoo’s characteristics make it a great indica for those who want something heavy, but not something that will completely incapacitate you. The sweet piney smell from this bud is extremely enjoyable. The buds have a noticeable darker, earthier look and the smoke is pretty harsh on the lungs. The reason I enjoy Afgoo so much is that it has the potency I’m looking for, but a nice happy, uplifting feeling to go along with it. This strain (like many quality indicas) is a stress-slayer. Anxiety, insomnia (for some), pain, and likely more that I do not know of. In short, Afgoo is not only a great recreational smoke, it’s quite a useful bud for medical use. Highly recommend this strain. Top marks, likely a top 5 indica strain for me.

  3. qusay aldaboubi

    This is my favorite indica. For those who deal with chronic aches and pains, the almost instant body high that afgoo provides is unlike any other indica strains I have tried. It stimulates the mind for a good hour or two which helps process the day or brainstorm new ideas about life. After a bit of intermittent smoking, bed time or a nap feels great. Do not take this if you are looking to be active and in public. This indica is definitely for hanging out at home with your significant other and forgetting about physical and mental pains for a while.

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