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Acapulo Sativa

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We have excellent Alcapulo Sativa for you to use as Medication or for recreational purposes

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Acapulco Gold Sativa

Buy Acapulco gold sativa online. One of the most well-known strains, Acapulco Gold has been likened to dinner at a five-star restaurant. This strain comes from the area in and around Acapulco, Mexico, and its orange hairs resemble a gold nugget, with gold, green, and brown colors and plenty of resin on the buds. An aroma of burnt toffee lingers when the bud is broken up. Has a reputation for being one of the best cannabis strains ever created, and it’s becoming more difficult to find.

Where to buy Acapulco gold sativa online

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Alcapulo gold sativa review

FANTASTIC! Definitely in my top 3 strains I’ve tried so far. Incredible cerebral high with a feeling of euphoria. This helped my pain and made me happy, so you can’t beat that combo. I have a high tolerance, so when they told me to be careful because it’s very strong I just brushed it off. THEY WERE RIGHT!! Holy smokes are this stuff strong! It will make you pretty dizzy if you overdo it so be careful. Unfortunately, I was only lucky enough to buy this once, but I’ll be on the lookout to grab it up next chance I get. You should definitely give it a try if you’re lucky enough to find some.

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1 review for Acapulo Sativa

  1. Edward

    First time trying this strain. Definitely put me in a good mood & inspired me to put together a piece of ikea furniture. Felt uplifted (had been feeling down the last few days) – though approaching the 1.5 hour mark (I was continually vaping the whole time) I started to feel a tad bit disoriented. Probably now my favorite strain given its ability to uplift the spirit without locking you to the couch.

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