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818 Headband

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One of the rare strains available. pick up yours and leave a review of how the high was to you.

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Strain insights

Very smooth very relaxing. Buy 818 headband strain online.  It makes you feel very chill and laid back. All of your muscles relax and you will be able to sleep very well also anxiety is going away completely. a cross between Original Sour Diesel x SFV OGK IBL.  818 Headband is a very interesting and fun strain to grow, mostly because of the immense rewards it offers. When cultivating plants indoors within grow rooms or tents, growers are gifted with yields of around 500-600g/m². Plants grown outdoors within garden beds or pots also produce big yields. The flowering time of 818 Headband is between 9-11 weeks.

818 headband strain Information

Over the years before the legalization of weed, it was very difficult to buy 818 headband strain online. At 420 online kush dispensary, you can buy this strain.

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2 reviews for 818 Headband

  1. denian25

    😍😍😍😍 I have recurrent tension headaches and this so far of the all the strains I’ve tried is THE cannabis medicine for it. Very mind expanding, fast acting, creative high that will put you in a good mood instantly. One of my favorite highs so far. Highly recommend! 😍😍😍😍

  2. Navigtor10

    Headband is good times all around my crown. One of my most beloved best. No bad stuff for me (anxiety, paranoia, ect). Probably one of the very best for depression (besides PR). This one has been a frequent go to anytime I need to see the world in a slightly different light.

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