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How to Use Instagram to Advance Dispensary Events(Selling Medical Marijuana Online)

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These Instagram promotion tips and tricks will help you promote your upcoming marijuana events, without using all of your time.

As a dispensary owner, you might think creating events is all you need to do to engage with your customers. While that’s certainly a great start, it doesn’t help to plan them if you don’t promote them.

Think about the process of brewing a new beer. You spend countless hours perfecting the recipe and method, and you’re finally ready to unveil it to your friends and customers. You wouldn’t expect them to come in and ask for it by name, right? Of course not. You would make sure your guests knew about it in advance and were eagerly awaiting its availability. The same goes for your marijuana events and social media promotion. So where do you start and how can you effectively communicate with your followers without spending all of your time logged into your account? Try these tips and tricks for promotion on Instagram, one of the best available platforms for social media marketing.

1)  Form A Good Strategy

First things first, have a plan. Once you have a general idea of which events you want to host, add them to a calendar. Referencing this calendar of events will be key to your social media promotion, and will save lots of time on the back-end. Pre-planning will enable you to consider social media marketing on an event-by-event basis, not post-by-post. That allows you to become more efficient, while demanding less time and energy in the process. Commit yourself to calendaring and reap the benefits of your proactive approach.

2)  Create A Photo Album

To effectively utilize an image-based social platform like Instagram, you need to have photos to go with it. Funny how that works, right? Start by creating a bank of “weed photos to use” on your phone. If you need inspiration, refer to the accounts of other brands on the platform and identify what you like most about their posts. Maybe they use a consistent filter that creates cohesiveness throughout the images, or perhaps they focus on unique angles or settings. Whatever it is, take that information and use it to formalize your own style. Then, incorporate these beer photography tips to elevate your photos to the next level.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer (or have to hire one) to create compelling images. Simply identify the most opportune times to snap some photos, grab your camera/phone, and store them in your “marijuana photos to use” album. Complete that step and you’re more than halfway there.

3)  Consider What to advance and When

Now that you have a solid bank of photos to use, pull out your event calendar and start planning. Buffer is a good resource for do’s and don’ts associated with Instagram for businesses, including user demographics, benchmarks for engagement and more.

Typically, industry leaders recommend that users adopt a posting cadence easily maintained over time. Meaning, if you choose to post 3-5 Instagram posts per event, continue with that frequency for each subsequent event. Your followers will appreciate the consistency and your account is likely to see more interaction and engagement. That’s a win!

4) Get It Scheduled

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned the importance of social media scheduling. The biggest reason to schedule social media posts is to help regain control of your time – and there are numerous tools available to enable you to do just that. The only downside is that Instagram’s closed API makes scheduling directly through the platform a little trickier.

Thankfully, a few management tools have developed a workaround to help sidestep the roadblocks that creates. Hootsuite is one of them. Though you can’t auto-post to Instagram like Facebook or Twitter, Hootsuite allows users to schedule the content. All you have to do is login and click the prompt to post.

By thoughtfully crafting your event calendar and building a full image library, you’ll be better positioned to use Instagram to reach more of your fans and potential customers. Remember the three P’s: Planning, Photography, Promotion. By incorporating these steps into your content plan, you’re sure to reach more customers and better engage with the ones you already have. We’ll cheers to that!

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